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Message from the NSF President



Dear all,

As the global effect of coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to evolve, at NSF, we are firmly committed to the health and safety of all squash players and stakeholders both local and in the diaspora. 

As many of you may have noticed, due to this pandemic, all sporting events have been suspended nationwide and globally including the Olympics 2020. In line with this, the PSA and WSF have suspended/Postponed all tournaments till May/June 2020 provided the current situation changes for the better. 
It is essential to note that our activities are guided firstly by the FMYSD, then by PSA & the WSF and we need to abide by the procedures imposed upon all event organisers.  

We do understand some of our coaches and players would like to play, however, we strongly advice against this and hereby advice all coaches to suspend all training activities until further notice to avoid any risks of infection to ourselves and our wards as this virus is very contagious and spreads very fast. 
We need to do our best to stay healthy and prevent the spread of this disease by adhering to the basic hygienic advise (BHA) by Professionals: Constantly wash your hands, Apply alcoholic sanitisers, Observe social distancing, Frequently drink warm water, Avoid crowded areas e.t.c.

Please find below, a link to the World Health Organisation which lists all the basic proactive measures against the COVID-19 outbreak: www.who.int/emergencies/diseases/novel-coronavirus-2019/advice-for-public

We implore all to closely monitor the changing situation, and comply with public health guidance and government directives.
As new information becomes available, we would endeavour to keep you informed. 
Meanwhile, let us do all we can to keep ourselves, family members and friends safe and healthy.

Thank you,

Boye Oyerinde
President, NSF